Suddenly... Your book empire... your business.. 
everything is gone.
What would you do in 30 days to rebuild and become profitable?

This Virtual Summit Airs June 1st - 3rd, 2021
For 24 Hours Each Day in Eastern Standard Time for FREE

This Virtual Summit Airs June 1st - 3rd, 2021
For 24 Hours Each Day in Eastern Standard Time for FREE

From The Desk Of: Tamara Rasheed
Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 
Subject: 30 Days From YOUR Transformational Book Story
Dear Self-Published Author,

Have you ever thought...

Look at all of those people...
I wish they would all buy
a copy of my book.

Thousands of people in groups, crowds of people on the street, hundreds of people commenting on posts... 

I would have such a sense of accomplishment if I could gain momentum...

How can I, someone who is doing everything I can think of to market and promote... ever find my readers?

My name is Tamara Rasheed and I'm a literary publicist, publisher, and Self-Pubishing CEO of almost 20 books with 8 best sellers. 

I help coaches, experts, and consultants write and sell transformational books that tell their story and turn who they are and what they do into books that convert traffic into raving fans.
But what a lot of people don't know is that every day, I see many of the authors starting out, introducing new books to the market place to share their transformational messages with the world... hoping to be a voice of empowerment and inspiration...

Many get to share their messages and sell lots of books... 
But many more don't...

And that fact drives me crazy...

So I asked my friends who are best selling authors, publishers, and marketers with book empires and 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses...

I was curious to know 
what they would do to sell books
their empires back

  • Day 1 - Step 1. What step would you take?
  • Day 2 - Step 2. What step would you take?
  • Day 3 - Step 3. What step would you take?
Day 4... Day 5... Day 6... Day 7... all the way to 30...

I was really curious because when people think "author" they think "million-dollar contracts" and that "big break" as the next Danielle Steele, J.K. Rowling, or Stephen King...

My curiosity turned into excitement because I unearthed underground empires - and I couldn't wait to hear from them.

One after another they booked calls with me, members of this exclusive community, to share stories of what they did and what they would do...

No marketing set up. 
No team. Starting from ground zero. 
And then spilling the tea on PRECISELY, what they did in a plan.

It was so much more than I planned to receive... these weren't just their idea of how it would work, but what they actually implemented themselves to create their own businesses - blueprints for success.

Their eagerness to share was so exciting

But the tragedies they faced while building their businesses, 
the challenges that they encountered, were just as heart warming

Knowing that these were steps they actually took to grow their businesses and become successful 

Some were impacted by loved ones passing on...

Others were in domestically violent situations...


But they all had the same end result - successful self-publishing, publishing, and marketing businesses. 

Now, I've done a lot of research in the literary world on marketing techniques, ways to sell books and ways to become profitable, but I've never seen any information THIS detailed ANYWHERE!

I listened to each interview and looked for ways people could fail, or ways that they had the upperhand... 

Any money spent was tiny enough that they could come up with it in a pinch because they were all survivors... 

There were no special connections used or anything the average author couldn't do to uplevel - TIMES 1000!

They were flawless, and I knew that any author following these plans precisely could be successful!

I couldn't believe 
what was in front of me!

But... we were only just getting started

MANY MORE of these 30 day plans poured in and I even received weekend plans too - because authors can do things a lot faster than 30 days!

After reading blueprint after blueprint I KNEW I HAD DISCOVERED A GOLDMINE of success, and I also know any author who was determined to make a change in their business only had to follow these plans exactly to sell an impactful amount of books.

And that's when I knew...

I had to share this with everyone! 

Every self-published, independent
and published author 

needs These 30 Day Blueprints!

At first, I thought about selling these blueprints to the public...

But as I started to analyze how much these blueprints are worth, I realized selling them would cut out THE MAJORITY of authors who really needed them.

I asked my friends something crazy...

If they would be willing 
to allow you to have these blueprints... 
for FREE!

At first, they thought I must have lost my mind...

But then one said yes... and then another!

And each of them agreed to walk you through
how to become successful 
with their unique blueprint on video!

Who are these amazing people who decided to give you their time and walk you through these plans completely in service to the author community at their highest level of service... so that you can get access to these interviews for a limited time?

Allow Me To Introduce You To
The Golden Team

Daryl Omar Shabazz

Founder of the Multicultural Writer's Collective

Best-Seller Weekend
My Book Went From Obscurity To The Amazon's Best Seller List In One Weekend

Fredrick Bussey

Luminary, Business & Leadership Coach

How to Rebuild Your Empire From Scratch in 30 Days or Less!

Tammie T. Polk

Author, Speaker, and Coach

Take Your Book Off The Shelf

Sylvia Hubbard

Author & Mompreneur

6 Steps To Build Your Book Business In Only 30 Days

Jay Aquino

Entrepreneur | Social Media Expert | Coach

How I generated 1500 potential clients in 30 days without spending a dime on Ads

Deva Neely

Voice Specialist & Online Visibility Strategist

Finding Your Voice In Business - AGAIN!

Danno Hanfling

Organic Marketing Growth Expert

The Power of Community

Valerie J. Lewis Coleman

Author & Publisher

Fearless Marketing Strategies

J.L. Raynor

Founder/ CEO of 105 Publishing

Bringing Dreams to Reality Without a Catch

SJ Pretorius

Business Coach | Marketing Strategist, Ubequity Coaching & Mentoring

Smash The Ceiling On Digital Marketing 

Celeste Barclay

Author and CEO of Hawk & Dove Strategies, LLC

Thank Goodness I Know Now What I Didn't Know Then

Ravi Prakash Vaghanani

Copypreneur | Digital Strategist

If you lost your copywriting business and had 30 days to start over and become profitable again, what would you do?

Denzel Rodriguez

The Finance Geek

90 90 90 Day Rule To Create Content

Larissa Banting

Accredited in Public Relations

How to use PR to power up your profits

Vince Warnock

Award-Winning Business and Marketing Strategist, Coach, Author and Host of the Chasing the Insights podcast.

Embracing Imposter Syndrome for Authors - how to turn it into your superpower

Dr. Torise Hiller

4X #1 Best Selling Author, Transformational Coach, Consultant & Ghostwriter

#AfterThis : Shift Gears without Fear

Theresa Woodard, M.D.

Medical Expert, Author, Speaker

Getting Back to Business After a Health Crisis

Tamara Rasheed

Self-Publishing CEO, Mentor, Self-Publishing Coach

Writing & Marketing To Sell: How To Become A Self-Publishing CEO

Raj Subrameyer

Tech Career Strategist, Keynote Speaker & Author

How I wrote a book in 30 days & made it a bestseller

Dan Pye

6 Figure Kindle Direct Publishing Expert

Rags to Wealth in 30 Days with Dan Pye

Dana Derricks

The Copywriting Professor

How I'd Rebuild My 13-Book, Multi-Million Dollar Empire...With A Bonus 'Feed Your Soul Lesson'!

**The individuals above are best selling authors, publishers, and marketers. The interviews of them that you will hear when you register will provide you with their own unique view of what they would do if they had to start over. Their past results implementing the strategies in their interviews are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. Please note that the Fearless Marketing For Authors Summit is not a business opportunity. The Fearless Marketing For Authors Summit is a three day event where authors can come and get valuable resources to sell their books online. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims.** 

This Virtual Summit Airs June 1st - 3rd, 2021
For 24 Hours Each Day in Eastern Standard Time for FREE

I'm GIVING You Access To All 20 Of These Phenomenal Interviews…So That You Will Learn The VERY SAME Secrets That Launched Their Successes!

But, you don't have to take my word for it...

I'm not selling you anything.

Tamara, there has to be a catch... right?

Unlike a lot of people selling information on how to make money from writing and publishing books...

I make my money in multiple streams.

As a matter of fact, every book I write pays me a minimum of five ways.

I am blessed to have built an empire from a very simple Book Hacking VALUE Framework and my Raving Fan Formula for selling lots of books in a 6 Figure Self-Publishing Business.

Yes, my 6 Figure Self-Publishing Business is the very BACKBONE of MY very successful book business.

The ONE thing these powerhouses ALL have in common is they made their money by being fearless when marketing and promoting their books!

So, unlike the other self-publishing “guru’s” who make their money just selling information... I don’t have to charge you for access to this training.

Instead, I just have to encourage you and help you launch your books the right way, growing your self-publishing business… and hopefully when you do, you will use the Book Hacking VALUE Framework and my Raving Fan Formula for writing & selling transformational books as simple tools to help you accomplish that.

Make sense?

So, I'm able to GIVE YOU a training that I could sell easily for $2,000...

Other gurus make their money by selling courses, so they CAN'T do this.

And I make money by seeing you become successful.

That's a HUGE difference.

This Virtual Summit Airs June 1st - 3rd, 2021
For 24 Hours Each Day in Eastern Standard Time for FREE

The only catch is this...

Yes, that means you have to take massive action

You have to BLOCK OUT THAT TIME in your calendar...

Completely immerse yourself in these blueprints for success…

Take LOTS of notes…

And use what you've learned to build a 30-day plan of YOUR OWN...

That's my sinister plan... to make sure you walk away from this experience FEARLESS 
from this gift you've been given...

Do I have your permission to overdeliver...? :) :) :) 

This Virtual Summit Airs June 1st - 3rd, 2021
For 24 Hours Each Day in Eastern Standard Time for FREE

Here Is Just A Small Dose Of What You Will Find In These 30 Day Blueprints...

  • You’ll get more than you bargained for with bonus plans for hitting best seller status in only a weekend!
  • ​​You’ll get insider secrets on building your book empire with the help of influencers on your book blog! 
  • ​You’ll get key steps from marketers whose clients regularly see 5 figure results!  
  • ​You’ll find out how to sell LOTS of books without chasing or hunting for your readers!
  • ​You'll learn how taking a deeper look at how your book serves others will create results for your bank account over and over and over again! 
  • ​You’ll get a special "behind the curtain" view of how to scale your self-publishing business to six-figures… changing the way you see being a full-time author FOREVER!
  • ​You’ll discover how your book can become multiple different information products that people will happily buy to get results! 
  • ​You’ll discover the hidden gems that Facebook groups hold (your target audience of readers) and how to get them to raise their hand for your books!
  • ​You’ll get the insider intel on all of the ways you could be marketing your books... if you only knew they existed!

And this is only a sample of the speakers that you will have access to!

This Virtual Summit Airs June 1st - 3rd, 2021
For 24 Hours Each Day in Eastern Standard Time for FREE

That's it!

Nothing for you to buy…

Just a commitment from YOU to take action.

• To register…
• To show up…
• To implement...

So if you're the type that whines, complains, or makes excuses, this isn't for you.

And if you're the type that takes the minimum action and expects massive results.

Find another way to sell your books, because this requires you to be ALL IN on your own success.

Are you ALL IN?

This Virtual Summit Airs June 1st - 3rd, 2021
For 24 Hours Each Day in Eastern Standard Time for FREE

Thank you for being here, and I will see you on the inside of the members area.

Tamara Rasheed

P.S. Just to recap what we talked about...

When you register to be a part of this event (for free), I will give you access to all 20 of the business building, book empire building blueprints from these self-publishing and marketing experts, many who have already been through tragedies that required them to rebuild their businesses completely from scratch (for free), and when you register, I'm also going to give you a special presentation on how to use what they're showing you to scale your self-publishing business to 6 figures.

Is it okay to overdeliver? :)

The only thing you have left is to register now:

This Virtual Summit Airs June 1st - 3rd, 2021
For 24 Hours Each Day in Eastern Standard Time for FREE

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